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Half-Life Mod Suggestions/ Suggest a Mod
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По умолчанию Half-Life Mod Suggestions/ Suggest a Mod - 10.02.2011, 04:20

These are Half-Life (gold source) mods I reccomend to anyone because... I liked them.
5. G-Invasion- An interesting mod which puts a nice spin to the Half-Life models. How? All of the models are replaced with g-man... mans... men...
4. Afraid Of Monsters DC- If you like a good scare, download this mod. PS: Watch your back!
3. Half-Life Redux- It's a re-do of all of the Half-Life models and sounds, The textures look pretty good too. It's fun to play because it's realistic looks and even attention to detail like the player's legs make it amazingly immersive. Valve would be proud.
2. Go-mod- It's a sandbox mod which alows you to both spawn an amazing variety of entities, but also allows you to go through the animations too, allowing you to "pose" the models of the entity. There are nice big maps to build, you could spawn weapons from CS, and you could even add renderring to the entities. It comes with amx mod too.
1. Sven-Coop- This is a purely cooperative mod which allows you to play through the Half-Life story with your friends, the OF story, it also includes other mini-stories and single maps too. One map you'll be in a stadium fighting anything in the sven coop world, from tor and baby gargantuas to regular gargantuas and zombies, then another map you'll be figng an infinately spawing onslaught of soldiers, or even fighting zombies in a dark alleyway with your friends. There are new weapons, monsters, and sounds too. It has a truely diversified system of maps and about 41 servers online.

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